Daily Archive: April 18, 2011


A sidebar post for Christopher Carr

I have any number of questions for Christopher Carr, our OG in Japan, about the last month or so and I’m pretty sure that more than just me has a question or seven for him....


Battle of Marathon Casualty List

A piece of the (Classical) historical record of which I had never heard, here (with a h/t good summary of the background here).  Worth your time, if you’re interested in that sort of thing.


Tits! Swords! Edginess!

(Editor’s note: Erik’s praise for “Game of Thrones” drew me out of semi-retirement. Bear with me) One of the problems with easing constraints on a creative medium is that creators are inevitably tempted to...


Another Local Currency

This time it’s for the Internet. I’m skeptical, for many of the same reasons I was skeptical of the BNote. Timothy B. Lee explains. I agree with him. Reluctantly, if you can believe it.


TV Review: A Game of Thrones (HBO)

I have television in my house once again – for a little while. This is because it was cheaper to hook up television service when we were hooking up cable internet than to pay...


Then there were five

Please allow me to introduce our fifth hosted blog, Blinded Trials by Russell Saunders. Russell will be writing about healthcare issues for the most part. His intro post is here. Please join me in...