Daily Archive: April 13, 2011


Muslims and PR: A response to comments

Because of the large number of comments to my last post, I hope it is acceptable that I respond to them en masse below. First, perhaps I didn’t clearly set out the nature of...


Contra Tu Quoque, Or, Avoiding The Fourth Response

There are some areas of inquiry and discussion that are inherently difficult because you can’t say anything at all without inviting a whole series of emotional responses to them. Those emotional responses, in turn,...


The Title of This Blog Post Is Only Slightly Inflammatory

This first paragraph sounds reasonable, containing only minor distortions and untruths. In the second paragraph, the first paragraph will remind me of something some other guy, known for bigger distortions and half-truths said once:...


Occasional Notes: Excesses and Deficiencies

Leitmotif: Any custom is better than no custom.—Nietzsche Goodreads: Yesterday an acquaintance asked me to link to him on Goodreads. Yikes! I hadn’t updated my Goodreads profile in almost two years. It would appear...

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