Monthly Archive: April 2011


Redistribution and the State

I’ve written recently about what I termed ‘front-end’ redistribution. That is, redistribution of wealth and resources prior to state redistribution – or, the way it should be in a perfect world. One example of...


Regulating the Crash

There was some very smart discussion in my Keynes vs. Hayek thread about the crash and whether or not previous efforts to deregulate the financial industry led to the 2008 crash. So my question...


Friday Night Jukebox: Some Ambient

Be patient. It grows. And grows. And GROWS:   Also, it’s one of my favorite tracks for distance running. I could literally put it on infinite repeat and run until my lungs collapsed. That’d...


His Master’s Voice

One of those long, theory-driven posts that you’re probably not going to read anyway.


Lex Luthor Is My President

It looks like Superman is going to renounce his US citizenship in Action Comics #900. (I wonder if Clark Kent will keep his…) In any case, Superman is tired of having his actions seen...


Foote and Tragedy, Ctd.

While we continue fighting the Civil War in the comments to my previous post, I want to make a quick addition, to my comments on Foote’s literary project.  There’s another aspect of the sense...


Living According to a Story

By Kyle Cupp I was born to a Buddhist father and a somewhat lapsed Catholic mother, so you could say I had a divergent and confusing theological upbringing. Essentially I heard two different stories...


Thankfully, Andrew Sullivan Is Not A Lawyer

Responding to President Obama’s acquisition and release of his “long-form” birth certificate, Andrew Sullivan expresses his disappointment that Obama did not do this sooner, then writes: Here, by the way, courtesy of [Ta-Nahesi Coates], are...


Deathbed Confession

In this single surreal incident, witness the absurdity of technology’s impact on our deepest and most intimate lives.


Weekend Jukebox and Open Thread

  I prefer “My Morning Song“, myself, but… well. You know. I hope you all have a good weekend (with a Sunday filled with exactly as much excitement as you are inclined to enjoy)...


From a Benton Harbor Resident

Standard caveats about authenticity, but the guy sounds legit to me anyway. Mike writes: I live in the city of Benton Harbor, so I’m right in the middle of this situation. A lot of...


The Czar of Benton Harbor

A series of questions and answers, citing sources and showing my work. I may update this post as needed. Bonus to visitors from Balloon Juice: Seeing someone from the Cato Institute admit he’s wrong....


The Most Subversive Idea in the Bible?

Richard Beck nominates Isaiah 53:12 as containing the most subversive idea in the Bible. I mean, can any church or Christian ever be smug, safe, contented, moralistic or self-satisfied in light of Isaiah 53.12?...


School reform, Benton Harbor, and the Tea Party

Contra John Cole, I don’t think the libertarian reaction to Benton Harbor is really all that important. But I think Jason is missing a fundamental piece of the puzzle in his response as well....


The Libertarian Response? Happy You Asked!

John Cole asks what libertarians have to say about Benton Harbor, Michigan (Hint… he’s not “really curious.” He just says he is): I’m really curious what the libertarian response is to the Governor of...