Monthly Archive: March 2011


Fleshing out the University (Pt .4)

(Update: One line changed to directly quote Megan McArdle instead of inaccurately summarizing her position.) I think we’ve nearly sucked all the marrow from the bone of ‘liberal academia’ (in pts. 1, 2, 3). Discussing...


Cultural artifacts from the age of fear

A few days ago, I was idly watching Predator 2 with the roommates. It’s an amazing cocktail of offensive racial stereotypes, bad acting, and ridiculous action sequences, plus Gary Busey and Bill Paxton. Needless...


So, how do we walk away from Omelas?

Here’s a very good post by John Quiggin: The announcement that military show trials are to recommence at Guantanamo Bay, combined with the brutal and vindictive treatment of Bradley Manning, make it clear that,...


Why does the Finnish public school system work?

In an interesting post on teacher evaluation, E. D. writes: The most successful education system in the world is probably Finland’s, and they have made teaching standards and credentials more exclusive and exacting, not less....


Live from the J Street National Conference

by Max Socol Last weekend, more than 2400 activists converged on my current home of Washington, DC for a weekend of discussion, learning, and debate at J Street’s second national conference. At four days...


The Crime of Making the Government Look Foolish

Radley Balko writes: [Bradley] Manning is getting far worse treatment than Timothy McVeigh, Jared Loughner, or your run-of-the-mill serial killer. It’s important to remember here that Manning didn’t covertly leak classified information to a...


Best Incoming Search Link Ever

This wins it, gentlemen: i want to serve the reptilian overloards He’s come to the right place, too.


Defending teachers from the noise machine

So I’ve been blogging at Forbes and spending a lot of my time talking about teachers and how teachers are under a sustained ideological assault. However, one thing I will never blog about is...


Incoherent Democracy, Again

Ezra Klein touched yesterday on one of my favorite themes: The public’s stated preferences are unbelievably incoherent. Poll after poll demonstrates it, in one issue area after another. When it comes time to balance...


On Free Markets

So look, I believe that free markets are absolutely the way to go. Don’t go with the central planners – who wants wage controls dictated from the top down? Things didn’t work out so...


Obama tries to nab the Porcher Vote

Author, poet, farmer, activist Wendell Berry was recently honored at the White House for his contributions to the humanities. If you’d like to celebrate, here’s a good place to start.


Education and Entertainment; University and Community

(Note: this post uses terms and discusses situations that are borderline NSFW.) Strange things are happening at my dear alma mater.  There is a controversy of unknown size crewing around a post-class demonstration of...


For a Dollar

The Crossed Pond has long been one of my favorite blogs. Here’s a recent post I liked a lot: I belatedly realized that I needed a calculator today so after quick stop by a...


On Civil Society

I wrote recently about wanting to co-opt and redefine Arnold Kling’s ‘Civil Societarianism’. I’ve given this more thought over the past few weeks, and have some observations and thoughts that should help clarify my...


It’s for the Children

Cls describes the logic of governance here, starting with the police force’s damage control. It involves a pizza party and a tour of the police station. The police chief says he doesn’t want the...


liberal scholarship (a digression)

The other night, some history grad students were at a local bar socializing and sharing our gripes and joys, when we got into a discussion of which academic projects we’ve heard of that seemed...