Daily Archive: March 17, 2011


“Love and Death”

After the jump, a somewhat disturbing pencil and white gouache drawing by Hans Bellmer, which appeared recently at the Thomas Dane gallery in London as a part of their “Contingency” show:


Toward a norm of humanitarian intervention

by Creon Critic Several senior diplomats warn of genocide and, at minimum, crimes against humanity. Their concerns are corroborated by defecting military personnel, pilots and naval officers, who tell of orders to target civilians....


The US prepares for war with Libya

This is bad news: As loyalist Libyan forces bomb the rebel stronghold of Benghazi, the United States is pushing the United Nations to authorize not only a no-fly zone but airstrikes against Libyan tanks...



by Jaybird Back in the late 90?s, Peter Molyneux still knew how to make games. Two of the best ones were Dungeon Keeper and Dungeon Keeper II. The basic idea behind the games was...


The Problem of Devil

by Alex Knapp Fred Clark continues his discussion of Hell by discussing the idea that demons are employees: Let’s stipulate that the damned are to be tortured for eternity. OK, then, who exactly will be...


Ides of March

~ by Burt Likko Thanks to the spirit of revolution spreading from Tunisia to Egypt, Libya, Yemen, and to a more limited extent to places like Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Morocco, we’ve seen what...