Daily Archive: February 25, 2011


Stranger than fiction

This is quite amusing. I would also like to point out that there is no evidence I am not a fiction either…


Quote of the Day

“In the spirit of full disclosure, I should say that I saw this movie after smoking three-quarters of a joint, but as soon as I saw the first psychotic, burning car chase – in...


Friday Afternoon Jukebox

I was reminiscing this morning about college, late 90s ska-punk, The Single Greatest Party Ever Thrown (dude, we made a six-foot tall working volcano!), and drinking with said ska-punk band until 5AM. So, uhh,...


The Middle Class Isn’t Dying

It’s just that standards are rising. James Hanley explains: [I]f you are content with the standard of living of the 19th century’s middle class, you could probably do that while working half time right...


And then there were Three

Our third Ordinary Blog is live today. It’s called Mindless Diversions and its author is none other than long-time League commenter and raconteur, Jaybird. The site can be found, along with the other Ordinary Blogs,...

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