Thucydides and Grand Strategy


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4 Responses

  1. Rufus F. says:

    It’s a cool link. I should say that I only really appear to be a classicist because I’ve been going through the canon so slowly.Report

  2. Kyle Mathews says:

    It is an interesting take, thanks for the link Will (and Rufus, for your post) enjoyable reads both.

    (sidenote) For whatever the differences in internal composition between Athens and Sparta I’m always a little disappointed in how unchallenged a natural American proclivity to see democratic Athens as our historical counterpart is. The striking thing to me, at least in a cold war context, is how similar the Delian league was to the Warsaw Pact. Athens’ treatment of her allies was at times as ruthless and ideological as Moscow.

    I did find the treatment of personal and distant fear to be incredibly interesting and agree that Kagan’s peloponnesian war is a good read and great introduction to the subject.Report