Daily Archive: February 24, 2011


The Political Implications of “Never Again”

If, the argument goes, the world’s great powers, first and foremost of course the United States, in collaboration with the UN system and with global civil society, would act decisively and in a timely...


Liberal academics (part 2)

I’ve always had a bit of a Napoleonic streak, and so, in spite of my first post in this series being a bit unsuccessful at illuminating the political leanings of the academy, I am...


Thucydides and Grand Strategy

Not to poach Rufus’s patch, but Walter Russell Mead has a pretty interesting post on Thucydides and American grand strategy (For those interested, our resident classicist’s “Blogging the Canon” series covered Thucydides here).


Nothing to Worry About Here…Right?

by Burt Likko There couldn’t be anything to worry about in President Obama’s ordering the Justice Department to stop defending the Defense of Marriage Act, could there be? After all, this is a recognition of...


The Walker Roadmap

Mike Konczal has an excellent post up on the three-pronged approach Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is taking in his stealth budget. In fact, he’s charted the whole thing out: The assault on unions is...


The Non-Defense of DOMA

I hate to interject in the middle of of the labor roundtable, which I’m enjoying a lot. Still, the Obama Administration’s decision to stop defending DOMA in the courts is important and seems like...


Labor Roundtable: Erik Vanderhoff

by Erik Vanderhoff I’ve been chewing on this for quite some time now as I’ve watched the reactions of various pundits and thinkers to the growing battle over public servants and what, if any,...