Daily Archive: February 14, 2011


Shirley Sherrod’s Defamation Suit

As some will recall, this past summer I argued that Shirley Sherrod would be ill-advised to file suit against Andrew Breitbart for defamation, largely on the grounds that, wherever my sympathies may lie, “her...


The Second Ordinary Blog

A little while ago we rolled out our first hosted blog, Not a Potted Plant by Burt Likko. I’d like to welcome our second Ordinary Blogger, Alex Knapp who will be blogging at A...


Pigford: A Tragedy and a Non-Troversy

[UPDATED] Conor Friedersdorf points to a pay-wall blocked piece by Daniel Foster in National Review on the recently-passed “Pigford II” legislation.  This story, of course, is largely being driven by Andrew Breitbart’s reporting, which...


For the Humanities, a Table of Doom

At this year’s Society for French Historical Studies (SFHS) conference in Charleston, South Carolina, there was a roundtable discussion entitled, “A Call to Action: The Present and Future of French History and the Humanities”,...

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