Daily Archive: February 10, 2011


Science, Non-Scientists, and the Mind-Killer

I’ve read several books about evolutionary theory, and they seem convincing to me. I’ve read Darwin. I’ve read Gould. I’ve read Dennett. In college, my physical anthropology textbooks made sense to me, although I...


The Price of Pleasure

Tony Comstock has a really excellent post up on the Tucson shootings, gun control, and the thirty-round magazine: Buried in the Federal Assault Weapons Ban’s meaningless restrictions on cosmetic features was a ban on...


“Reasonable” People

[Author’s Note: Rumors of my demise have been very marginally exaggerated.  However, despite the full-bore reappearance of Brother Will in my absence and our failure to blog at the same time for many moons,...


The Financial Class and the Middle Class

In recent weeks I’ve begun pretty seriously rethinking my positions on organized labor and especially public sector unions (more on this in some upcoming posts) and I think there is a compelling case to...

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