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  1. During that sort of “bucket list’ period that followed 9/11 I decide that what I really needed to do what commission the design of a 60′ schooner that folded up jack-knife style so it would fit inside the dimensions of a trailer that would not need special permit to be towed on the interstate system. My co-commissioner was a woman who used to be a man. Perhaps not surprisingly, we had met on the internet.

    To celebrate our joint venture Sarah drove out to Montauk for a visit and over the weekend we built some smaller boats. This entailed several quick trips to the local hardware store for various this and thats needed for our build.

    I’m about 5’9″/185, so I’d guess Sarah to be about 6’2″/220. I know Sarah played football and Lacrosse when she was a man, and she still had that sort of build. Where ever we went, Sarah always took her purse, I ridiculously “femme” designer handbag.

    “People notice the bag, and that helps them not notice I’m over six feet tall and built like a linebacker.”

    Sarah was not Chinese.Report