The Bush Revival


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17 Responses

  1. North says:

    Long et all are grasping at straws. I see no causal connection between Iraq and Tunasia at all. If Iraq had not been invaded do we think that Tunasia wouldn’t have happened? I don’t see why that would follow.Report

  2. Rufus F. says:

    You know who could best answer this question? The Tunisians. Has anybody asked them yet?

    Incidentally, I did ask my sister in Morocco if they’re going to have anything like that happen over there and her answer was: “ummm…it doesn’t seem like it- but we don’t get a whole lotta news, and that Tunisian thing happened very quickly– so maybe.
    Moroccans might just be too lazy- and the whole Royal family thing is quite powerful – so probably not. ”

    You read it here first.Report

  3. gregiank says:

    Well since there has been absolutely no history of democracy, popular revolts, revolutions or demonstrations in any Arab or Muslim country in like ever, of course The Bush should get the credit for what Tunisians are doing.Report

    • Bob in reply to gregiank says:

      Well said. There is absolutely no historical equivalent to recent events in North Africa. HA!Report

    • Derek in reply to gregiank says:

      I think that depends on just how long the time period you call “like ever” is. I recall a popular revolt in Iran a year and a half ago, but that was post-invasion of Iraq, so I guess that might be credited to Bush as well.

      Pre-G.W. Bush? Well… there was the Indonesian revolution in 1998 that ousted Suharto… the Kurdish and Shiite uprisings against Saddam in ’91… the first and second Sudanese Civil Wars that went from the early ’80s to the 2000s… the 1979 Islamic Revolution in Iran… anyway, that’s a few.Report

  4. Scott says:

    Somewhat strangely, folks have already given credit for Tunisa to Wikileaks so why not give some of it to Bush? He probably had more to do with it than Wikileaks did.Report

    • North in reply to Scott says:

      And how exactly is that? At least people giving credit to wikileaks make supporting assertions. How do you think Bush’s excellent adventures caused or contributed to the Tunisian uprising? Just because it’d give the neocons an excuse to sidle out of the corner where they’ve been standing with their asses smarting since 2006 doesn’t mean it’s true.Report

  5. Jason Kuznicki says:

    So can our troops come home now?Report