Daily Archive: January 25, 2011


Rules are rules

Well, here’s a horrific story. After defying a school district to send her kids to a better school, a single mother faces jail time for “defrauding” the county (via): ”The state would not move,...


Observations on the “Palestine Papers”*

The most important—and, perhaps, the only—aspect to the Israel-Palestine peace process that the “Palestine Papers” have revealed is not that Palestinian negotiators offered more than most had previously believed, but that neither party during...


Oscar Nominations Open Thread

I’m not normally interested in the Oscar nominations but because this is the first time since Return of the King that I have actually seen one of the leading nominees, this year is marginally...


Schilling on Social Security

Mike Schilling asks: By the way, wouldn’t privatized Social Security [be] the same sort of unconstitutional mandate as health insurance is? If by “privatized Social Security” we mean “forced individual transfers, not to the...


Abortion and Slavery again

Ta-Nehisi has pushed once again into the abortion and slavery debate, this time following the invocation of that analogy by Rick Santorum and Joe Klein’s subsequent defense of Santorum’s rhetoric. Now, I’ve admitted in...

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