Daily Archive: January 20, 2011


Literature and the “Prophetic Voice”

I’m not certain where this line of thought is going quite yet — but it’s going somewhere.  Elsewhere, I offer the beginning of a thought about a concept somewhere between Forster’s “Prophecy” (as an...


New Media Playground

Even if you’re not a sports fan, GQ’s profile of Deadspin editor-in-chief A.J. Daulerio is worth reading because it’s such a perfect distillation of the clash between old and new media cultures. Deadspin’s raison...


Wire Fraud

The Wire’s David Simon forcefully responds to criticism of his show from Baltimore’s police commissioner. Read the whole thing, and then read his stirring defense of the show from similar criticism in front of...


Explaining that post that didn’t make sense

Writing a post that doesn’t quite compute is one of the perils of blogging, so let me expand upon a point I was trying to make here. I once heard someone (a cursory Google...


Decriminalization in Portugal

Here’s a good article from The Boston Globe on the drug trade and Portugal’s experiment in drug decriminalization. This nugget about Nixon’s drug policy commission is pretty funny: