Gene Wolfe interviewed



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6 Responses

  1. Avatar E.D. Kain says:

    Pessimistic conservatism is the only kind for me. Good stuff, thanks for the link.Report

  2. Avatar North says:

    The excerpt on Home Fires puzzled me. Man has discovered a interstellar drive and the Earth is overpopulated with continental powers fighting over resources? How does that logically work? If you open up faster than light travel then you unlock the limitless mineral and elemental wealth of the solar system to the economies of Earth. Resource scarcity; wouldn’t they have a glut? Why would you scratch around for nickel or iron or what have you on the surface of the Earth when it’d be floating around in more accessible form in space? And what would constitute overpopulation? Even ignoring livable planets you’d be have limitless space in artificial habitats. I’d think people would become one of the scarce resources rather than a burden.Report

    • Avatar Josh in reply to North says:

      @North: You think? Or you think, as Wolfe discusses in the interview, that the interstellar drive might become more or less government property, used for ends that don’t necessarily align with common sense and the well-being of the human population at large?

      Not to mention: There are aliens in space in the book, and we’re at war with them over habitable planets. And most of all, the drive is relatively new, so it’s not like there’s been a lot of time to develop outer-space mining technologies or livable habitats.Report

    • Avatar Pat Cahalan in reply to North says:

      I’ll have to read it.

      Interstellar war over resources makes very little sense. For other reasons, yeah, it makes a ton of sense. It’ll make for an interesting read…Report