Daily Archive: January 14, 2011


Commenter Tribunals

I think the League’s reader community is pretty great, but it’s basically impossible for a bunch of amateur bloggers to mediate comment threads full-time. One possible solution would be to borrow the idea of...


Think Tank Wars

Over at Balloon Juice, I have a long post up about money in politics, pointing out that the much-dreaded Koch brothers are but two among many political donors, and that think tanks and political...


Sport, Spectacle, Decorum, Politics

(This post is part of an ongoing series about Western culture and politics, and how the potential brokenness of one affects the other.) My impression from yesterday’s service is that Obama was genuinely surprised...


Occasional Notes: As the World Turns

Leitmotif: “What are the characters that I discern most clearly in the so-called Anglo-Saxon type of man? I may answer at once that two stick out above all others. One is his curious and...


Some thoughts on Obama’s memorial service remarks

About halfway through Obama’s speech on Wednesday – I think it was just after he used the phrase “moral imagination” – I turned to my fiancé and said, “You think Palin is thinking, ‘wow,...

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