Daily Archive: January 10, 2011


Happy Meal Conservatism

This is an appropriate time to turn back, once again, to one of my favorite John Derbyshire pieces published waybackwhen in The American Conservative: How Radio Wrecks the Right. A long excerpt: Taking the...


Rightwing Duck

Bob Cheeks wants an example of Glenn Beck being inflammatory. Well that’s Beck’s whole schtick, and while I think the left overblows both his influence and the level of his inflammatory language he is nonetheless...


Crazy people doing crazy things

A lot of conspiracy theorists are considered right-wing because they have a deep mistrust of the government. But I think that conservative or limited government beliefs in most conspiracy theorists or lone-gunmen nuts is...


A Closer Look at Jared Lee Loughner

Anyone trying to understand what happened on Saturday needs to read this piece in Mother Jones, which features an exclusive interview with one of the few people who still had contact with Jared Lee...


Government and Violence

Radley Balko writes: [I]t’s worth remembering that the government initiates violence against its own citizens every day in this country, citizens who pose no threat or harm to anyone else. The particular policy that...

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