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7 Responses

  1. Avatar Mike Schilling says:

    Next you’ll tell me that spending a night in a homeless shelter to research a story is different from actually being homeless.Report

  2. Avatar Bo says:

    But think of all the good science we have now…{/madscientist}Report

  3. Kyle Cupp Kyle Cupp says:

    At least our environmental policy is based on good science…Right?

    Seriously, though, this news is not surprising in the least, but no less disturbing for that.Report

    • Avatar Francis in reply to Kyle Cupp says:

      Mostly. And what’s neat about EPA’s website is that you can look up a lot of the science yourself.Report

    • Avatar Aaron W in reply to Kyle Cupp says:

      I always find it quite rich that some libertarians, completely untrained in any kind of scientific field, somehow think they can legitimately criticize environmental policy without sounding completely ignorant. Yes, there are problems (especially with the California Air Resources board) but as an atmospheric scientist and a libertarian, you have to wonder if some are not completely aware of how their supposed principled opinions are influenced by crony “capitalism” special interests unwilling to pay for the property damages they are imposing on others.Report