Daily Archive: January 6, 2011


Limits? What Limits?

In the comments to Jason’s post yesterday afternoon defending the act of reading the Constitution on the House floor to open the legislative session, even though Jason acknowledged it as being an empty act...


It’s Not Accuracy They Want…

…it’s authority. And fangs. The day will come when drug-hunting dogs will seem as cruel as human-hunting dogs, tout court. Because that is, ultimately, what they are.


A Meaningless Constitution, Thankfully.

My former co-blogger Timothy Sandefur is spot-on here, regarding the GOP decision to read the Constitution in Congress: This symbolic move is refreshing to those of us who take the Constitution seriously, and it’s...


A Sterile Constitution

In an attempt I will likely regret to move the continuation of the Civil War/War-Between (Among?)-the-States/War of Northern “Aggression”/War of Southern Interests in the Preservation of Chattel Slavery (did I cover all potential names...



With the exception of posts that pontificate on the deeper meaning of libertarianism or other political philosophies, the number of comments a given post (exclusive of “Off the Cuff” posts) at the League of Ordinary...

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