Seasonal Words of Wisdom

D.A. Ridgely

D.A. Ridgely holds degrees in philosophy and law. (He doesn't really hold them, they just hang there on the wall or peek out as initials after his name. (Actually, that isn't true, either. Those are mere symbols giving evidence of his possession of those degrees. (“Possession,” strictly speaking, being a metaphor of sorts.))) (He is overly fond of parenthetical expressions.)

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12 Responses

  1. Jaybird says:

    I know why I’m still here.

    Why are you guys still here?Report

  2. Will H. says:

    Yes, I took that as a sign of the rapture myself.Report

  3. Mike Schilling says:

    The Rapture! Of course, that’s why William has left us all behind.Report

  4. Kolohe says:

    Hey, the side bar is back. D.A.R. must be one of those insurance agent genies.Report

  5. the innominate one says:

    Ha! I knew it! DAR is the medium channeling Mark Twain.

    Happy Holidays, Mr. Ridgely!Report

  6. Heidegger says:

    DAR, please, please, please, PLEASE post your abortion essay again—it’s brilliant and needs to be read by all. The subject seems to be gradually surfacing again, with this Civil War debate raging on, and I’m sure all of the folks on this new site, LoOG would enjoy reading it. Many thanks!Report