Run, Ron, Run?

Mark of New Jersey

Mark is a Founding Editor of The League of Ordinary Gentlemen, the predecessor of Ordinary Times.

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18 Responses

  1. Barrett Brown says:

    I’ve never seen it either; let’s break off from the Libertarian Party and start a splinter faction.Report

  2. gregiank says:

    I dig Dr. Who and somehow i have never known it was libertarian class marker. Just so i can collect some geek points, Dr Who at the end of The Doctor Dances episode ( a great two parter) encourages the Brits, who he is very fond of, not to forget about setting up the welfare state.

    FWIW A. Sullivan is also a Who fan.Report

  3. Mike Farmer says:

    I agree — the most exposure we get the better. I can’t wait to hear the reporters’ questions “So, you would leave quadraplegics to the mercy of the jungle market?”Report

  4. tom van dyke says:

    Screw the media.

    “In any event, though, the surest way for the average libertarian to influence policy in Washington is ultimately to make the media think that the libertarian vote matters such that the libertarian vote gets to be the latest arbitrarily selected group of critical voters. ”

    The 2010 election already did this, without help from the media, in fact, despite its best efforts.

    I know a lot of Republicans who describe themselves as libertarian, small “l.” No Democrats, though, except you know, present company excepted. Oh, and Kos.

  5. North says:

    I’d enjoy seeing a left libertarian in the Democratic primary. I don’t see how they’d be any more out of place than the GOP one.Report

  6. 62across says:

    Wouldn’t libertarians have to deliver votes in numbers before they’d be considered a critical portion of the electorate? Soccer Moms have their place because they’re seen (accurately or not) as voting in a bloc, not because they represent a set of principles.

    With this in mind, I would think having both men split the libertarian vote would be detrimental to increasing libertarian influence. The horse race coverage will give the numbers only and both will look inconsequential in the end.Report

  7. ppnl says:

    I’m sticking by my contention that libertarians have really hurt the republican party. If Ron Paul can give a republican candidate cover to distance himself from the religious right then that would be good. That has always been what I most hope for from the libertarian party. I have yet to see that happen. In most elections where libertarians get a measurable vote they cause the defeat of a “moderate” republican.

    On the plus side the dynamics of the coming election may be very different. On the minus side I’m not a Ron Paul fan. At this point I’m willing to try anything.Report