Jon Rowe

Jon Rowe is a full Professor of Business at Mercer County Community College, where he teaches business, law, and legal issues relating to politics. Of course, his views do not necessarily represent those of his employer.

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  1. Avatar Steve Horwitz

    Jon: You might find interesting this recent piece of mine on the same subject – http://www.thefreemanonline.org/featured/why-do-futurists-get-so-much-wrong/Report

  2. Avatar Jon Rowe


    Many thanks. I’m going to read this right now (in between doing college work online).Report

  3. Avatar trizzlor

    Actually, I think that those scientific predictions were not more wrong than the cultural ones in scope. If you were to tell a scientist in the 50’s that we have succeeded on the human genome project, that would be as significant an advance as curing all diseases; likewise, if you were to tell an engineer in the 80’s that we have the Chevy Volt and Virgin Galactic, that would be as significant as flying cars. It’s not that we’ve fallen short in these areas, it’s just that we’ve re-prioritized.

    On the cultural side, however, it’s just easier to reconcile the differences – so you wanted immersive 3D worlds with no hardware, but Avatar and Kinect seem close enough.Report

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