The Decade In Review

D.A. Ridgely

D.A. Ridgely holds degrees in philosophy and law. (He doesn't really hold them, they just hang there on the wall or peek out as initials after his name. (Actually, that isn't true, either. Those are mere symbols giving evidence of his possession of those degrees. (“Possession,” strictly speaking, being a metaphor of sorts.))) (He is overly fond of parenthetical expressions.)

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4 Responses

  1. Please apply for the job of naming things at the UN!Report

  2. ” The U.S. also experiences a minor economic downturn, apparently the result of a small number of residential mortgages for which the lenders failed to confirm that the borrowers had, in fact, finished the basements and remodeled the kitchens as they said on their applications.


  3. Will says:

    This cracked me up. Come back soon!Report

  4. “Controversial drawings of Muhammad playing poker with Jesus, Moses, Buddha and Elvis lead to protests across the Muslim world and at Graceland.”

    Also yes to this one and a wish that someone with some illustration chops does this and other provocative figures from history in the style of those lovable poker playing dogs.

    Either that or Allah as a Varga Girl on the side of a WWII era bomber.Report