Anonymous and the Inevitable Fall of the Nation-State


Barrett Brown

I am the founder of the distributed think-tank Project PM and a regular inactive to Vanity Fair and Skeptical Inquirer. My work has also appeared in The Onion, National Lampoon, New York Press, D Magazine, Skeptic, McSweeney's, American Atheist, and a couple of newspapers in the U.S. and Mexico as well as a few policy journals. I'm the author of two books and serve as a consultant to various political entities and private clients.

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  1. A pet theory (so much as a 5 graph arm-chair sociologist blog post can be call a “theory”) that I haven’t quite got worked into shaped. Perhaps the brain-trust here can help!

    Let’s start with “flow of information” and “rush to judgement”.Report

    • Avatar Barrett Brown in reply to Tony Comstock says:

      I’m pretty sure we can turn you in about ten minutes if you come talk to us in our IRC channel at some point and see for yourself what’s really going on and who’s involved. I mean that as a compliment. In the meantime, can you elaborate further?Report

      • I don’t need to be turned so much as cheered up. (As my wife put it in the shower earlier this morning, “You’re singing a very different tune than you were 10 years ago.”)

        I didn’t know people still did IRC (I courted my wife on ntalk). Recommend a good Mac client, and tell me where to be and when to be there.

        /me nods his head and winks knowingly.Report