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Erik Kain

Erik writes about video games at Forbes and politics at Mother Jones. He's the contributor of The League though he hasn't written much here lately. He can be found occasionally composing 140 character cultural analysis on Twitter.

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3 Responses

  1. ppnl says:

    You get a 404 when you try to read comments to posts down below.Report

  2. If I were superstitious, I might be inclined to say it’s “the curse of the ‘Positive Liberty’ crowd.”Report

  3. Jason Kuznicki says:

    Here’s a quick error report — two of my comments on the epic counter-Volokh thread are not threaded to the comments I’d intended to respond to. They’re just tacked on the end, where neither of them makes much sense. I’m not sure what might have caused it.

    On a completely unrelated note, I wish everyone would get Gravatars. Too many of the random ones look like swastikas to me.Report