Daily Archive: November 29, 2010


The Nation Apologizes….Sorta

Katrina vanden Heuvel offers a non-apology apology to John Tyner for allowing her magazine to smear him.  By non-apology apology I mean that rather than acknowledge the innuendo in the piece was an outright slander...


Fallows on Douthat

Commenter Geoff Arnolds points us to this James Fallows piece. Fallows takes issue with the Douthat column I linked to earlier. Interestingly, in the entirety of the arguments laid out by Fallows, he somehow...


The will of the people and other illusions

“It’s important to remember, though, that we’ve empowered the government to do this. We’ve decided, collectively, that our fears override our common sense, and we’ve accepted every step-up in security up to this point....


Profiling, Political Correctness, and Airport Security

I must take issue with Erik’s recent post on airport security in which he argued for abolishing the TSA, replacing it with privatized airport security, and adopting an Israeli “profiling” approach to airport security. ...


In which I agree with Andy McCarthy

More often than not, Andy McCarthy and I simply don’t see eye to eye. For instance, his whole-hearted support of the War on Terror, his refusal to call torture for what it is, and...

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