Cocaine is One Hell of a Drug

Jon Rowe

Jon Rowe is a full Professor of Business at Mercer County Community College, where he teaches business, law, and legal issues relating to politics. Of course, his views do not necessarily represent those of his employer.

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25 Responses

  1. MFarmer says:

    $40,000 a year? He must have been a weekend user.Report

  2. Rufus F. says:

    I think I’m lucky in my chemistry because cocaine never did anything for me. Everything sounds like you have a metal bucket on your head and you feel like snot keeps running down the back of your throat, but I never experienced any sort of “rush” or any real enjoyment. I think I did it enough times to know. Actually it was that way with most drugs. It’s probably fortunate for me.Report

  3. George says:

    Not only $40k in 1980 dollars; but $40k’s worth at 1980 prices. Think about that.Report

  4. Will says:

    “Two members of Kansas, one of my favorite bands . . .”

    Clearly, the League membership committee did not screen your application properly .Report

    • Jon Rowe in reply to Will says:

      Ha ha. Will do you like prog rock? I’d argue Kansas as their best, and I have plenty of clips, can go toe to toe with the best of the Brit. prog rockers (and Rush, the Canadian prog. rock kings). And members of those bands agree. Do you like Genesis?Report

      • Will in reply to Jon Rowe says:

        Prog Rock has never been my thing, I’m afraid. But it’s good to get some musical diversity at the League – I’ve been accused of indulging in “hipster bullshit” by more than a few commenters.Report

        • Jon Rowe in reply to Will says:

          That explains it. If you don’t like prog. rock, I don’t think I can sell you Kansas. Kansas had some AOR sounding tunes. And there are some prog. rock folks who THINK Kansas is AOR. It’s those folks I try to sell Kansas too, if they haven’t already bought in. Genesis, Yes, ELP, Rush, etc.Report

          • Rufus F. in reply to Jon Rowe says:

            I’m pretty unclear on the concept. What’s the difference between acid rock, space rock and prog rock? Is ‘Can’ prog rock? Rick Wakeman’s prog rock, right?Report

            • Jon Rowe in reply to Rufus F. says:

              Rick Wakeman is prog. rock. Not sure what space rock is. Acid rock is more hippy stuff. All of this of course can bleed into one another.Report

              • Will H. in reply to Jon Rowe says:

                Hawkwind is space rock. I believe it was Michael Moorcock that wrote that second part.
                Wanted to mention that there’s an early version of Incomudro on the Proto-Kaw cd with a different singer. It just shows that Kansas was really more of a rock band. The earlier stuff had more jazz and King Crimson influence.

                But back to the christian thing, Livgren always was into somewhat esoteric christian literature. He gave the names of some of the books, but I don’t have even a passing familiarity with any of them.Report

              • Jon Rowe in reply to Will H. says:

                Yup. I have all the Proto-Kaw stuff. Much of the first 5 albums is like that — King Crimson, Genesis, fusion like stuff. They just tried to reserve say 1/3 of those Kansas LPs for hits. The two big hits they had were spontaneous compositions that they weren’t sure would hit. And the more they tried for a hit, the worse their material was.Report

              • Will H. in reply to Jon Rowe says:

                To introduce someone to Kansas that isn’t into prog:
                Reason to Be, Lamplight Symphony
                Straight-ahead rockers:
                Devil Game, Carry On Wayward Son
                Classic prog:
                The Spider, Magnum Opus, Hopelessly Human

                Your picks?

                Thinking about this, I think that Kansas had a better organ sound than any other band, even Deep Purple. The organ really stands out to me.Report

              • Jon Rowe in reply to Will H. says:

                For classic prog, I’d say Journey From Mariabronn, Song For America, and The Pinnacle.

                For those not into prog, I’d say Opus Insert, and the entire Leftoverture LP. That album sold because of Carry On, but the entire LP seemed to me to have cross over appeal like how Rush has all these radio hits that are also very proggy.

                For straight ahead rock, Carry On, of course. Also What’s On My Mind.

                Yup Walsh’s B3 with Livgren’s synths, a classic sound. The keyboards don’t sound bad today; but Walsh’s newer models don’t sound as good as the old analog ones.

                I was talking half joking/half serious to one of their key technicians (he’s a drum apprentice who sometimes fills in) about buying Walsh a new minimoog model. He said Walsh has so many keyboard parts (because he handles all keyboard parts now AND sings) and so little room on stage he wouldn’t accept it.Report

          • Jaybird in reply to Jon Rowe says:

            Three chords and lyrics about other people being uncannily attractive.

            Why in the hell would any red-blooded American need more than that???Report

  5. tom van dyke says:

    And if remembering Woody Hayes doesn’t make you feel old enough, this should seal the deal: