Daily Archive: November 21, 2010


Cocaine is One Hell of a Drug

This takes place circa 1982. Two members of Kansas, one of my favorite bands, became born again Christians and were featured on The 700 Club. Bassist Dave Hope admitted he spent $40,000 on cocaine...


Are We All “Trust Fund” Babies?

At Crooked Timber, John Holbo considers whether the Social Security Trust Fund (legally, the Federal Old-Age and Survivors Insurance Trust Fund) exists or not. And like Yglesias, whose response to a Planet Money podcast...


Check out these WASPs

I’m sorry, but look at this WASP shit. We’ve got King WASP and Queen WASP of the WASP dynasty sitting here buzz buzz buzzing their WASP perspective to some emissary of Greater Non-WASPdom. Thank...



I wanted to write a follow up to Mr. Ridgely’s post about meaning of terms as it relates to the Christian Nation controversy. When I first began this inquiry about seven years ago, I...


Sunday Morning Thought

There are many arguments against gay marriage, some harder to deal with than others. One that strikes me extremely shallow is gays already have an equal right to marry — someone of the opposite...

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