Blog Ends, Merge Left

And I am the final member of The One Best Way to join in this merger with the League.  I should fit in well, being of ordinary height, ordinary weight, and ordinary looks.  I once worked in a shoe store and learned that I had perfectly ordinary feet.  And I am an ordinary political scientist at an ordinary American college. On occasion, I even manage to be at least ordinarily insightful and ordinarily funny.

It’s questionable, however, whether I am in fact a gentleman.  Certainly there is abundant evidence available in the blogosphere to cast doubt on such a claim, but I will try to behave as one.  It’s a worthy goal, and certainly the self-discipline of striving to behave like a gentleman when confronted with some of the folks one meets in the virtual world is a form of self-improvement.

My  blogging tends to focus on regulatory matters, that is, efforts to regulate and regularize human behavior rather than risk the unpredictabilities of spontaneous organization.  I particularly disdain those with authoritarian and moralistic tendencies.  But as with most political bloggers, I often amuse myself by writing what can broadly be construed as cultural commentary, and sometimes engaging in self-reflection.  You know, the ordinary things gentlemen write about.

I’m delighted to be here, and I hope some of our regular readers who haven’t previously had the privilege of discovering this blog follow us over here.   We have some commenters of whom I’ve become very fond, and who would provide real value by commenting here as well.


P.S.  When do I get my bowler hat, Mr. Kain?

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7 thoughts on “Blog Ends, Merge Left

  1. We should start a bowler hat store here to raise funds. I mean, where does one find a bowler hat these days? And why on earth did they ever go out of fashion?

    Glad to have you aboard, James. Look forward to reading more of your posts.


  2. Googling led me to thus:

    The Coke, more commonly known as the Bowler, was created at James Lock in 1850 for William Coke, a progressive farmer from Holkham in Norfolk. It was a domed hat, hardened by the application of shellac, devised to protect the heads of gamekeepers from overhanging branches of trees, and closely fitting the head so that it would not easily blow or fall off. The prototype was made by Thomas and William Bowler, hat makers in Southwark. It was brought to St. James’s Street to be tested by William Coke himself. This he did by jumping on it and as it withstood his weight he bought it.

    They have an Extra Firm Coke available :)


  3. The Coke, more commonly known as the Bowler, was created … for William Coke, a progressive farmer

    How appropriate, as I am a subscriber to Progressive Farmer magazine (really).


  4. Perhaps it’s time for The League to publish some sort or short bio for each of its current bloggers on your About page.

    I’m a new reader who follows James Hanley and Jon Rowe.

    I did notice the roll in the left monument titled Ladies and Gentlemen. However this reader would have to spend a significant chunk of time perusing quite a few blog posts to get a sense for the fifteen bloggers on that list with whom I’m unfamiliar.


  5. I should note, for those who aren’t familiar with him, that I also follow Michael Heath, who pseudo-blogs at Ed Brayton’s Dispatches, writing many long and thoughtful comments, and staunchly resisting encouragement to begin blogging on his own. He’s always worth paying attention to.


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