TSA Stays Abreast of the Problem


D.A. Ridgely

D.A. Ridgely holds degrees in philosophy and law. (He doesn't really hold them, they just hang there on the wall or peek out as initials after his name. (Actually, that isn't true, either. Those are mere symbols giving evidence of his possession of those degrees. (“Possession,” strictly speaking, being a metaphor of sorts.))) (He is overly fond of parenthetical expressions.)

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4 Responses

  1. Avatar Kyle Cupp says:

    You just posted the link so you could write that headline. 😉Report

  2. If I have to fly I’ll have fun with it. I’ll find me the biggest strap-on dildo I can find, one with some flexibility to it and an inner motor that will make it vibrate, as well as expand and contract. Maybe even ooze some kind of warm liquid from the tip. Let the groping begin.Report

  3. Avatar Ken says:

    I’ll see you a breast-cancer survivor and raise you a bladder cancer survivor wet down with urine.

    Perhaps the TSA just misunderstood what “war on cancer” refers to.Report

    • Avatar DensityDuck says:

      Considering that urostomy patients are told not to sleep on their sides or stomach to avoid dislodging the bag, I’d argue that the TSA checkpoint wasn’t the first time the guy found himself “wet with urine”.

      And yes, it is sad, but it does leave me wondering why these patients are satisfied with a medical solution so shitty that a minor bump will dislodge it and spill urine everywhere.Report