Don’t Set The Doomsday Clock Ahead Quite Yet

D.A. Ridgely

D.A. Ridgely holds degrees in philosophy and law. (He doesn't really hold them, they just hang there on the wall or peek out as initials after his name. (Actually, that isn't true, either. Those are mere symbols giving evidence of his possession of those degrees. (“Possession,” strictly speaking, being a metaphor of sorts.))) (He is overly fond of parenthetical expressions.)

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4 Responses

  1. James K says:

    As a general rule, congressional bipartisanship is the political equivalent of the Crips and the Bloods banding together to rob the rest of the neighborhood.

    My favourite version of this sentiment is that bipartisanship is when the Stupid Party and the Evil Party get together to do something stupid and evil.Report

  2. Centrally organized and fast-moving authoritarian countries like China and Russia must look at gridlock in the U.S. as impatient Hobbits anxiously awaited the conclusion of the Entmoot in Fangorn Forest before the Battle of Isengard.Report

  3. Scott says:

    Sorry, you sound like Hillary spouting some nonsense that the sky will fall if the treaty is not rushed through the Senate. Didn’t Obama try the same routine with stimulus, health care and financial regulation? If the treaty is really that important then do it right and spend the extra time on it.Report

    • D.A. Ridgely in reply to Scott says:

      I do? Geez, I could swear that the point I was pretty clearly making was that there was no rush.

      Now, if you want to argue that it might take even longer than 2011 to negotiate a good treaty, well, okay, fair enough. In fact, though, the U.S. isn’t starting from scratch but essentially continuing the fairly well established START process, so it strikes me as unreasonable that it would take longer than that.

      But I am, admittedly, no expert in such matters. Are you?Report