Daily Archive: November 16, 2010


“The Perfect Stride”

Interested in running? No? Read this New Yorker article about the United States’ marathon men anyway.



Via Jeffrey Goldberg comes a remarkably useful tool: the Pamela Geller Shrieking Harpy Rant Generator.  I hereby humbly submit this tool to our good friends at Popehat as a nominee for this week’s Friday Afternoon Time-waster.


The Moral Panic Continues

The Food and Drug Administration will rule that caffeine is an unsafe substance to add to alcoholic beverages, “effectively making products such as Four Loko, Joose, and others like them, prohibited for sale in...


An Education

There are many things that can be said about this incredibly depressing article – written by a guy who makes a living writing papers for college students – from The Chronicle of Higher Education....


Locally grown and operated

Arizona has legalized medical marijuana, joining fifteen other states across the country that allow marijuana use for health purposes. A system of cultivation and dispensaries will be operative by late summer 2011, with all...


Why are Republicans Soft on Terror?

Seriously, I thought the Republicans were supposed to be protecting us from terrorists, cost what it may. And I thought the Dhimmicrat Party was the place for people like this: Did you know that...


So Who Am I, Anyway?

One of the concerns expressed in the intense negotiations over our merger (I jest) was whether the addition of we three would tip the balance of this blog too far toward libertarianism. Given that...


American Exceptionalism and anti-historicism on the right

J.L.’s discussion of American exceptionalism last week was really spot-on. Placing American greatness within its proper historical context is necessary both in order to understand what makes America truly great, but also to understand...


Is Obama a Christian?

Relating back to my first post, it depends on what test one uses. Obama calls himself a “Christian.” So for identificatory purposes he is one. But that’s not the only test for “what is...