Jon Rowe

Jon Rowe is a full Professor of Business at Mercer County Community College, where he teaches business, law, and legal issues relating to politics. Of course, his views do not necessarily represent those of his employer.

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  1. ktward says:

    While not a libertarian myself, I’ve been fascinated by its illumination compliments of the Tea Party’s notoriety. That said, I’m particularly appreciative of elucidating voices (vs. the echo chamber chatter).

    However, I am also a long-practicing UU by way of a non-denom fundamentalist Christian upbringing. (I never saw the inside of a public school until 9th grade– it took me 6 months to re-condition myself not to shoot up out of my desk chair when called upon by a teacher. No Bible class? Really? Hot damn.)

    So I’m equally looking forward to checking out your other blog.Report

  2. E.D. Kain says:

    Sorry about your last post disappearing. We’re moving to a new host and that’s probably what happened but who knows? Technology is a strange beast.Report

  3. trizzlor says:

    Aside from interaction, why do you bother blogging? What role does blogging fill that peer-review does not; in particular, is there an answer that does not put the blog readership in the role of pre-peer-review?Report

  4. Matt Kuznicki says:

    glad too see you over here as well.Report

  5. Jon Rowe says:

    Thanks all.

    Trizzlor. That’s a very good question. I have some ideas in the future about publishing in footnoted scholarly review places. But I’ve never really worked on it. (The three places I have published are scholarly, but not footnoted. One is an Encyclopedia and two are monthly periodicals). You see I am a community college professor (indeed one who teaches overloads every semester; I’m teaching 21 credits this semester) and we aren’t required to publish.

    I like to write and blogging allows me to circumvent the gatekeepers and get probably a bigger audience. But one can spill into the other. I have gotten the offers from the blogs.

    I do plan on taking some of what I’ve done and turning it into footnoted articles and then a non-self published book. But that has nothing to do with advancing my career in Academia (I’m already an Associate Professor; and I don’t think this will matter much when I try to become a full Professor).

    They will be vanity publications.Report

    • Rufus F. in reply to Jon Rowe says:

      This is one reason I’d really like to teach at a community college after I get done with this dissertation- I really love teaching and am pretty lukewarm about the conference, publication, research circuit. So I like the places that community colleges place emphasis.

      Also, welcome aboad!Report

    • trizzlor in reply to Jon Rowe says:

      I think it would be pretty interesting to see a blurring between blogging and publishing where the blog post is still a full-fledged work rather than a rough draft, but the idea, once crystallized, is published additional. Welcome, too!Report

      • Rufus F. in reply to trizzlor says:

        It’s probably a pipe dream, but I would someday like to see a regular print version of the League with polished versions of the best stuff posted here as well as additional material that was maybe too long to fit here.Report

  6. Jon Rowe says:

    BTW: I get some questions about do you really want to be a community college professor or move to a higher college? The answer is I don’t see myself moving on (though John Lennon once said “life is what happens when you are making other plans”).

    I have tenure and CC profs are compensated on par with profs at 4 year institutions. The only way I’d make a voluntary lateral transfer is one that comes with tenure and a comparable compensation. I don’t see that happening unless I do something really special in the future.Report

  7. Pat Cahalan says:

    Greetings and welcome.

    My end goal would be a small teaching oriented school, myself, but I happen to like research. I just don’t see the time 🙂Report

  8. T. Greer says:

    American Creation has always been one of my favorite blogs. Hopefully your addition here will add some light to this blog’s affairs. Lookin’ forward to your posts here.Report