Daily Archive: November 9, 2010


Crowd sourcing vs. network news

(Update Below) A missile was fired off the coast of California. CBS repeatedly referred to it as a “mystery missile” and bothered the ambassador of NATO about it, with moderately comic results: “It’s spectacular…...


The Church of Sit-Up Cycling

I’m very pleased to see that the fight against fast cycling, spandex, helmets, thin seats, and other automotive-like cyclalia has taken on a religious dimension.


Formatting and fundraising update

Well, I’ve changed the formatting again and I plan to continue to tinker. I very much appreciate all the feedback over the last couple of days so please do keep it coming. Also, if...


Meet the New GOP, Same as the Old GOP

No compromises on extending the Bush tax cuts, even if that means they expire completely and taxes go up considerably.  After all, it’s still the case that “there’s only going to be one person...


Kierkegaard Bleg

I’d like to read some Kierkegaard. But I’m terrified of Either/Or. It’s just so… huge. I know I might ask the impossible, but can anyone recommend another of Kierkegaard’s texts as a good starting...