Daily Archive: November 4, 2010


The Principle of Laudatory Criticism

I’m told that the original expression is “critique élogieuse”: People say we can no longer write about our colleagues. Obviously it becomes difficult having a coffee with someone if that afternoon you have to...


Against Intellectual Provincialism

Epistemic Closure Revisited Eons ago in blog-years, Julian Sanchez provoked some indignant responses by suggesting that conservatives are too dependent on a closed, self-referential media ecosystem. Sanchez’s original post elicited a sharp reply from...


Language and War

It’s been decided that Joe Carter will write his post first, after which I will respond to it in a new post here at the League. In the meantime, I’d like to draw attention...


Quantitative Easing for Dummies

Speaking as someone who knows nothing about economics, I found this primer on the Fed’s plan to buy $600 billion in government debt pretty helpful.


Overture to Debate (Updated)

As specified yesterday, the debate between myself and Joe Carter of First Things is to begin with the posting of quotes chosen by the two of us. I am obligated to post whatever quote...


A recoil against liberalism?

George Will and pretty much every other commenter on the right is missing the point of Tuesday’s election. It was not a referendum on liberalism or progressive politics. At play were two factors: one,...


Marco Rubio

Here’s Rubio’s acceptance speech after he beat not only Democratic challenger Kendrick Meek, but also the slimy, mercurial Charlie Crist. There’s no two ways about this – Rubio is going to be a force...


Election Day Reactions (Warning: Non Sequitur Ahead)

Here’s my post-election reaction.  The public school where I voted on Tuesday was giving books away from its library. I spotted an Important Book lying on the table — Germaine Greer’s The Female Eunuch —swiped it...