Debate on the Nature of Atheism, Christianity, and the State


Barrett Brown

I am the founder of the distributed think-tank Project PM and a regular inactive to Vanity Fair and Skeptical Inquirer. My work has also appeared in The Onion, National Lampoon, New York Press, D Magazine, Skeptic, McSweeney's, American Atheist, and a couple of newspapers in the U.S. and Mexico as well as a few policy journals. I'm the author of two books and serve as a consultant to various political entities and private clients.

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52 Responses

  1. Avatar ThatPirateGuy says:

    No pressure then?Report

  2. Avatar Pat Cahalan says:

    I do believe a gauntlet has been thrown, verily!Report

  3. Avatar Jason Kuznicki says:

    I understand Andy Kaufman was a pretty good wrestler, too.Report

  4. Avatar ScrubAssChump says:

    Extraordinarily aroused. Thanks.Report

  5. Avatar Rufus F. says:

    Wait- is the debate going to take place on the League and the First Things blog? Or is Vanity Fair going to cover it, complete with Annie Leibovitz pictures of you two with captions like “The Godless” and “The Righteous” and 120 pages of fashion ads?

    (I kid, but I’m seriously a sniveling geek fanboy when it comes to Vanity Fair.)Report

  6. Avatar Jaybird says:


    Bets on who is going to lose his temper first? Anybody?Report

  7. Avatar Will says:

    For future reference, we generally go by “Noted Creed Apologist Joe Carter” when referring to First Things’ esteemed web editor:

  8. Avatar North says:

    I want to observe that this comment thread has been the shining highlight of an otherwise dreary day. Thanks. I’m in stitches here.Report

  9. Avatar MFarmer says:

    That’s great. I remember when Joe came up with the Cubs in ’83 — I was in Leesville, La., trying to find my way east, which has nothing to do with the subject. He was no Rocky Colavito, though, but then who could be? Perhaps a comparison to Ernie Banks is more appropriate, but not really. Ten years before that, I could have made it to the minors, but I broke my arm in a barfight and changed direction, never dreaming one day I’d be anticipating such an event.Report

  10. Avatar robert green says:

    i hope you get all ontological on his ass barrett. fuck epistemology and all that it stands for! DON’T BRING A DESCARTESIAN KNIFE TO A BUBERIAN GUN FIGHT or blood will flow. yours. or his. i don’t know. do you have any more of that ginger ale?Report

  11. This has to be the best blog-hype ever. Well done, sir.Report

  12. You might be interested in this as an example of mediocre mainstream media reporting:

  13. Avatar ScrubAssChump says:

    nobody has said anything nice about me. I’m going into a blind rage.

    Religion is, like, really stupid.Report

  14. Avatar Colin says:

    I never thought I would say this about the internet, but I don’t have the faintest idea what anyone is talking about.Report

    • Avatar Francis says:

      @Colin, Mostly it’s from Dune, with other bits stolen from Tolkein, Arthurian legend and a couple of computer games. Add a pinch of hallucinogens and voila.Report

  15. Avatar Petellius says:

    I can’t believe that this thread has gone on for this long, and gotten this dorky (ahem… “blood for the blood god”?) and no one has called attention to your radically improbably claim to take on the aspect of Tolkienian true-silver.Report