Daily Archive: November 3, 2010


Speaking of the World’s Most Infamous Creed Apologist

(UPDATED BELOW THE FOLD) Joe Carter, with whom Barrett will be brawling beginning tomorrow, makes a highly unique argument with regards to the Tea Party, at least to the extent that he is making...


Love in the Time of Hoopla

A website that facilitates adultery is offering to pay a momentarily-famous adulterer $100,000 to promote adultery. (Insert something flip here about capitalism being ethically-neutral.)


Debate on the Nature of Atheism, Christianity, and the State

As per the protocols agreed upon yesterday evening between myself and First Things editor Joe Carter, our respective persons will be engaging in a contest of rhetoric (hereafter referred to as the “debate”) concerning...


Noted without Comment (by law)

When Hollaback NYC debuted their iPhone application, I mused here that they were soon going to push for stronger anti-street harassment legislation (and got flamed as a heartless, paranoid “libertarian”). Anyway, they’re now pushing for stronger anti-harassment...


From the inbox

A reader writes, in response to this post by Barrett: … you might want to mention my experience about how the liberal media and publishing bubble actually helps empower the Breitbarts of the world....


Food justice?

“Here’s an idea for parents, just say no. You’re the one who controls the meals your child eats, don’t feed them fast food if you don’t think it’s good for them, and don’t give...


Prop 19 fails

What a sad – and ultimately selfish and self-destructive – thing for Californians to vote down. Kevin Williamson says that along with the Harry Reid victory, this was the most depressing moment in the...