A mediocre defense of private prisons for children


Barrett Brown

I am the founder of the distributed think-tank Project PM and a regular inactive to Vanity Fair and Skeptical Inquirer. My work has also appeared in The Onion, National Lampoon, New York Press, D Magazine, Skeptic, McSweeney's, American Atheist, and a couple of newspapers in the U.S. and Mexico as well as a few policy journals. I'm the author of two books and serve as a consultant to various political entities and private clients.

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  1. Avatar Robert Sloan says:

    I have been investigating and researching the connections between ALEC, powerful U.S. Corporations (such as Koch Industries), CCA and SB 1070 from January 2010. Posted on my web site: http://www.piecp-violations.com and on August 19, 2010, on my blog I introduced readers to the relationship between ALEC, their members and SB 1070.

    I believe the NPR articles to be factual, well researched and based upon “facts”, something Krikorkian seems to be woefully short on.

    Bob Sloan
    Prison Industry ConsultantReport