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Mark of New Jersey

Mark is a Founding Editor of The League of Ordinary Gentlemen, the predecessor of Ordinary Times.

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  1. Rufus says:

    I find people’s upset about Moe Tucker’s politics bewildering and silly. Then again, it’s impossible to have political leanings and not disagree with one or more of the Ramones, which does nothing to change the beauty of Rocket to Russia, so maybe I’m used to overlooking political differences.Report

    • Jaybird in reply to Rufus says:

      @Rufus, of all of the “feet of clay” to be surprised by, the political ones strike me as the silliest.

      It’s perfectly normal to find out that (rock star) does heroin, or relieves him/herself on underage groupies, or bites the heads off of animals… but, oh my god!, s/he voted for a REPUBLICAN??? Or worse, went to a Tea Party Rally???

      We let celebrities get away with murder in some areas but if we find out that, deep down, they’re kinda like Uncle Murray, we can never, ever forgive them.

      It’s silly.Report

      • gregiank in reply to Jaybird says:

        @Jaybird, The Dixie Chicks agree with you.Report

        • Jaybird in reply to gregiank says:

          @gregiank, maybe it’s a fantasy kinda thing.

          “Wow! (artist) is so transgressive!” and then you find out that, no, (artist) spends Friday nights playing Civilization V (not even WoW!), you’re disappointed.

          Country probably has something similar. “That little lady is a fine woman who’d make a good help meet.” And then she goes and says something that would throw Thanksgiving Dinner Around The Table into a tizzy? Hell, I ain’t buying her album again!

          They can get away with murder… so long as the murder makes the fantasy that much better.

          If it breaks the fantasy, well… crap. You sold out, dude. I’m going to start listening to (other artist). Now *THAT* is someone who totally is fantasizable!Report

    • Mark Thompson in reply to Rufus says:

      @Rufus, I hear ya – I’ve never understood why people much care, one way or another, about their favorite musician’s/athlete’s/actor’s political preferences, unless you’re talking about a musician whose preferences are a central part of their music. Even then, it’s usually not the politics that make the artist – there are few things on this planet worse than overtly political music that lacks top-notch songwriting, talent, and/or innovation.

      If Bruce Springsteen decided to go all WWE tomorrow, showing up at a rally for Nancy Pelosi, then surprising everyone by hitting her over the head with his legendary Fender Esquire while Jerry Ross shrieks “OH MY GAWD! WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO THE BOSS?!?!”, and ripped off his jacket to reveal a Palin 2012 pin……well, it would pretty much suck to be a Bruce Springsteen fan. But it wouldn’t suck because it would destroy the Boss’ music; it would suck because it would mean that we’d never again get to hear any songs from The River, and the meaning of “Born in the USA” would be completely reversed the next time he played it in concert; it would also suck a bit for anyone who thought they learned some deep political point from Youngstown, since they’d have to consider unlearning it. But the Boss’ songwriting talents would be unchanged, the E-Street Band would remain awesome, and Born to Run would remain the greatest song ever inspired by New Jersey. And ultimately, that’s why most of Bruce’s fans are Bruce’s fans – a well-written, well-performed song is a well-written, well-performed song, regardless of its politics.Report

      • gregiank in reply to Mark Thompson says:

        @Mark Thompson, Written like a true New Jerseyite.
        insert smiley face hereReport

      • Koz in reply to Mark Thompson says:

        “But the Boss’ songwriting talents would be unchanged, the E-Street Band would remain awesome, and Born to Run would remain the greatest song ever inspired by New Jersey.”

        Actually, your conspiracy theory seems surprisingly plausible to me, but I disagree with this one. Bruce Springsteen is okay as a musician, but that’s not what made him a star.

        The true success of Springsteen is that he sold the illusion that if you could be free if you could just escape the clutches of The Man (the very myth of Born to Run, btw).

        He would lose all credibility as an artist if all the sudden he started campaigning for Sarah Palin.Report

        • Mark Thompson in reply to Koz says:

          @Koz, “Actually, your conspiracy theory seems surprisingly plausible to me, but I disagree with this one.”

          I’m not in the least bit comfortable with how plausible it seems. I don’t like wearing tin foil hats.

          “Bruce Springsteen is okay as a musician, but that’s not what made him a star.”

          Them’s fightin’ words.Report

          • Koz in reply to Mark Thompson says:

            Ok so you have some actual reason to believe Thurman Thomas’ endorsement of Carl Paladino was some kind of indirect quid pro quo around the ownership interest of the Bills?Report

            • Mark Thompson in reply to Koz says:

              @Koz, Actually, no I don’t beyond the fact that it’s a pretty surreal endorsement given Thomas’ lack of history in politics, Paladino’s extraordinarily long odds, and Paladino’s unquestionable tendency to be a highly polarizing figure. Well, that, and my overriding hope beyond hope that Kelly has in fact assembled a sufficient group of investors to keep the Bills in Buffalo.

              Since I don’t care about this enough to do any real research into it (this is an intentionally trivial post), I’m not going to pretend that I have any basis for this belief (or that I even think it’s accurate…I don’t). Just having a little fun with some idle speculation.Report

            • Trumwill in reply to Koz says:

              @Mark, I think that there may be something to what you’re saying, but perhaps something less conspiratorial. Sometimes the way these things shake out is simply through friendships. Kelly becoming friends with Paladino through their business dealings and then Kelly asking his friend Thomas for an endorsement for Paladino. When it comes to the non-political, it often doesn’t take all that much to win them over if you’re friends and/or go back a ways.Report

  2. gregiank says:

    Does multiple concussions answer the question.Report

  3. Mike Drew says:

    Short of the absolute Bigs, I don’t know that there’s an American whose life blows my mind more than Byron White’s. Not to say he is on a list of the 25 greatest modern Americans in terms of moving History, but just looking at his variety of accomplishments makes my mind reel. Condoleeza Rice in a similar way, in her way despite considerable deficiencies in the quality of her public service that don’t mar White’s career.

    I’ll admit that knowledge of entertainers’ political views can color my enjoyment of some entertainers, but if they’re good and/or as good as advertised, and if they show that they are committed to their art for its own sake rather than as an extension of their worldview, that can be overcome in me. So Gary Sinise, Jon Voight, and Tim Robbins end up on my good-guy list despite holding views that I find either appalling or annoying, while Sean Penn becomes unwatchable to me despite the fact that he is clearly an excellent performer.Report

  4. b-psycho says:

    The Bills to LA? Doesn’t California have ENOUGH sports teams?Report