The Irrelevance of Damon Linker

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  1. Avatar Paul Gottlieb says:

    Of course I’m just one liberal-secularist, but I can’t say I’m too embarrassed by Damon Linker. By the way, who the hell is Damon Linker?Report

  2. Avatar tompaine says:

    What do you think the Quiver Full religious movement is for? It is specifically to raise children in the supposedly impending religious war.You may think it will only demonize muslims, but as our empire crumbles those people will look inward for scapegoats to blame.Report

  3. Avatar Jason Kuznicki says:

    I will have a very hard time thinking of Damon Linker as intolerant until he starts telling Christians that they can’t get married.

    See, I am repeatedly assured that Christians who tell me I can’t get married are not intolerant. I have no choice but to conclude that Linker isn’t either, not until he opposes Christian marriage. And worse.Report

    • @Jason Kuznicki,

      Indeed, I will have a hard time thinking gay marriage advocates are anything but intolerant until they commit to opening marriage to their polyamorous fellow citizens.Report

      • Avatar Jason Kuznicki says:

        @Matthew Schmitz,

        I welcome serious proposals by polyamorists for how to solve the legal problems their marriages will present. Until they solve these problems, I can’t accept their claims.

        I say this with sincere regret, as I do know several polyamorous relationships.

        How about you?Report

        • @Jason Kuznicki,

          I demand full equality now and the opening of marriage to anyone and everyone.Report

          • Avatar Jason Kuznicki says:

            @Matthew Schmitz,

            Seriously, Damon Linker has just given you a tiny, tiny taste of Christian conservatives’ own medicine. Minuscule, really. And from it, you run screaming.

            You’ve just experienced for five whole minutes what it’s like to be gay or lesbian in Christian-dominated America. I’m sorry that it stings. But please. Pull yourself together!

            Linker isn’t proposing any restrictions on Christians at all. He’s criticizing a style of politics and nothing more. I don’t care for his idea of a religious test any more than you do, but clearly it’s a sideshow to what you’re really complaining about.

            And he could have done a whole lot worse. I note that he’s not calling you a child molester. He’s not saying you will destroy all of western civilization. He isn’t saying that you only love and get married so as to mock the institution of marriage itself. He isn’t trying to bar you from being a teacher or an adoptive parent or serving in the military.

            So cry me a freakin’ river over Damon Linker if you want. Then take a look at your fellow travelers and what they’re saying every single day about gays and lesbians. That’s what intolerance looks like. Not this weak stuff you’re complaining about.Report

        • @Jason Kuznicki,

          I never complained that Linker was intolerant. I never complained at all. I simply said he was wrong.

          I’m open to discussing gay marriage, but the I didn’t raise that issue in the post. It was, narrowly, about whether or not homeschooling somehow promises religious violence. I think it does not.Report

          • Avatar Jason Kuznicki says:

            He’s not intolerant? But he uses language “meant to invoke the rhetoric of the Third Reich”? I’m confused.

            But oh well. I don’t carry any water for the guy either. I just find it remarkable how easily Christian conservatives get their ire up too.Report

        • @Jason Kuznicki,

          A bit of weak writing may be to blame for this small part of our disagreement. I emphatically didn’t think his rhetoric was redolent of Nazism. Linker’s rhetoric was merely meant to make his opponents sound like Nazis. Argumentum ad hitlerum is bad, but it’s obviously not even in the same moral realm as actual Nazism.Report

        • Avatar rufus says:

          @Jason Kuznicki, I think the “langauge evoking the rhetoric of the Third Reich” was his way of describing the rhetoric of Christian conservatives, in which he was describing it as akin to that of Nazis: “cleansing the nation as a whole of spiritual contaminants.” I don’t think anyone’s saying that Damon Linker is Nazi-like, just that the implied comparison of homeschoolers to Nazis is not worth taking seriously.Report

          • Avatar Jason Kuznicki says:


            Oh, I understand that. But likening Christian conservatives to Nazis is surely an intolerant move.

            Isn’t it? Or may I do so and be thought tolerant of them?Report

        • Avatar rufus says:

          @Jason Kuznicki, Okay, well my note there was redundant due to simultaneous commenting.Report

        • Avatar rufus says:

          @Jason Kuznicki, I don’t know exactly what I think of it. Chris Hedges wrote a book called Christian Fascists- if you read the title, you needn’t read the book- and I don’t know if I thought it was intolerant or just paranoid and hysterical. There is a difference, although paranoia is often actualized as intolerance.Report

  4. Avatar rufus says:

    It seems like now, because of the proliferation of media, we live in a buyer’s market as far as attention. You can state your opinions in a measured and fairminded sort of way; but if you’re talking about existential threats to democracy and freedom, well that gets people’s attention. And if you can write a book whose thesis is so blunt and simplistic that the reader can glean it from the title alone, all the better. Then people can debate the book without reading it and cable news can have you on to summarize your point in 30 seconds or less. So this is probably why there’s so much red meat and so little to really chew on.Report

  5. Avatar Scott says:

    Dude actually was hired by DiA, wasn’t he? They have a D.L. from Philly complaining about stupid religion: