And did you know their state bird is the cardinal?

Lisa Kramer

Lisa Kramer is a contributing contributor at The League of Ordinary Gentlemen.

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  1. Robert Cheeks says:

    West Virginia Democrats much perferred Hillary over Barrack I believe?
    In West Virginia its all about working and working in mines, steel mills, foundrys, machine shops, or on farms and in the woods. Guns, whiskey, and tobacco are big and they’re not that interested in diversity or multiculturalism. By and large most of these folks came from the Scot-Irish clans that fled western Pennsyltucky during the Whiskey Rebellion and consequently there’s an anti-gummint gene in there somewhere.
    They vote Democrat because Roosevelt’s depression scarred them bad and, that may be the only reason because they aren’t real fond of killing their young, the transfer of wealth, or the ATF.
    Poor old Joe Manchin is a pretty typical WVA Democrat politician and Raese is a pretty typical Big Gummint Republican. I suppose it all depends on what these people think of Barry’s first couple of years and his efforts to curtail mining …it all depends on whether or not there’s work in the mines.
    “…a whole lotta nothing can make a man feel ill at ease.”Report

  2. Lyle says:

    What is now West Virgina was the part of pre-civil war Virginia that did not hold slaves. If you read about state history you find that the tidewater and the area that is now West Virginia had no use for each other. So in 1863 the folks from western virgina set up a rump Virginia legislature (no reps from the seceeded part of the state) and approved the splitting off of West Virginia and then immediately came together as the constitutional convention of West Virginia.Report

    • Robert Cheeks in reply to Lyle says:

      @Lyle, I thought Lincoln said you couldn’t secede?Report

      • Lyle in reply to Robert Cheeks says:

        @Robert Cheeks, You could not seeceed from the union, but under the terms of the constitution if a state legislature approved a state could be split. Lincoln was concerned about staying under federal juristiction. At that time Va was full of traitors and the like, so the rump Va legislature followed the rules of the consitution, and approved the split. Note interestingly that Va had much earlier approved cutting KY off as well as the old northwest, and NC cut Tn away, as Ga did Al and MS.Report

        • Robert Cheeks in reply to Lyle says:

          @Lyle, Thanks Lyle, however we’ve got a little problem with the idea of a ‘constitution’ in that the several northern/northwestern counties of the secessionist state “West Virginia” are not, in fact, a constitutional entity. The state is illegitimate. There were some good Confederate regiments from western Virginia and some wonderful battles!Report

  3. John G says:

    West Virginia was not the only state formed during the Civil War. Nevada was “Battle Born”: becoming a state just before the election of 1864.Report

  4. Kyle says:

    So the GOP is the party of rich people and poor states but the Democrats are the party of rich states and poor people? Confusing or just idiosyncratic?Report