Lighten the F Up!

Mark of New Jersey

Mark is a Founding Editor of The League of Ordinary Gentlemen, the predecessor of Ordinary Times.

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  1. Casey Head says:

    There is a difference between disrespecting the office, and disrespecting the man. This is the latter. Need I remind everyone of the things said about Bush? Or the off color jokes about Clinton? The ability to freely criticize our elected officials is part of what separates us from Iran or Venezuela. People need to stop being to thin skinned.Report

  2. The first quoted phase occurs in the article linked; the second does not. Unless the second link is not pointing to the right site, the links you provided don’t support the case you’re making. The ABC blog simply says that Limbaugh is ramping up his invective; it does not make a value judgement.Report

  3. Rufus F. says:

    They might have used better language, but The Economist made the same basic argument a few weeks ago- namely, that Obama needs to prove that he’s not an economic illiterate and quick or investment is going to dry up completely.

    But, I agree- the emphasis on speaking appropriately is totally bizarre (and not just because the left once led the free speech movement, although, you know, I’m just saying!).Report

  4. Hamilton talked about his, “..unqualified conviction of his unfitness for the station contemplated” with regards to John Adams and the Presidency. He didn’t call him a jackass…but insults are as old as the Republic. I thought it could never get uglier than the Clinton years and then liberals proved me wrong during the Bush administration. I have no doubt we’ll be looking back wistfully on the Obama administration when President BlahBlah is in office 20 years from now.

    The media sucks. That should be the takeaway from this post IMO.Report

  5. North says:

    Agreed, they seriously need to lighten up.Report

  6. bandit says:

    if that’s inappropriate, then I don’t see how any criticism of a sitting President would ever be appropriate.

    Which is what the Dems want – at least for themselvesReport

  7. Scott says:

    Obama is an economic illiterate. Look at his idea to socialize student loans. In his Rolling Stone interview he said, “We wrestled away billions of dollars of profit that were going to the banks and middlemen through the student-loan program, and now we have tens of billions of dollars that are going directly to students to help them pay for college.”
    Those profits don’t stay with the bank dummy, they go to the shareholders, the largest of which are state pension funds. Why let the market work when the gov’t and taxpayers can subsidize low interest rates for student loans?Report

  8. Jaybird says:

    Wake me up when people start trotting out the Nazis.Report

  9. Bill says:

    You, Freddie, and probably many others here are “jackasses,” “neurological illiterates,” and “idiots, where autism is concerned.”

    Women, blacks, Asians, Irish, homosexuals… This time is always different.

    Gentlemen indeed. You don’t meet your own standards. I dare you to post this or not delete it!!!Report