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9 Responses

  1. I think for the first time ever the momentum against the criminalization of marijuana has finally shifted towards common sense. The only potential downside in the long-run is that these early ‘medical marijuana’ pioneers will be looking at a drastic reduction in profits if full legalization gets approval.Report

    • Avatar ThatPirateGuy says:

      @Mike at The Big Stick,

      That is a downside I can live with.Report

      • Avatar Gold Star for Robot Boy says:

        @ThatPirateGuy, Indeed. Many growers want to have their cake (made w/THC butter) and eat it, too: Profiting off an illicit substance while not having to worry about breaking the law.Report

    • Avatar Jaybird says:

      @Mike at The Big Stick, I see it somewhat differently.

      The ones who got in at the ground floor will be fine.

      They’ve made enough money to create barriers to entry for the next guys. (See also: The Kennedys)

      It’s the folks who got in on the second floor (or higher) that won’t be doing well.Report

      • @Jaybird, I disagree. Prop 19, currently on the ballot in California would allow the following:

        May grow marijuana at a private residence in a space of up to 25 square feet (2.3 m2) for personal use.

        Once people realize they can grow their own weed on the cheap you’re going to see a major decline in profits for the current stores. Sure, some peopel will still prefer the convienance and the high-quality product, but there will be a lot of other people who opt to just grow their own. It’s a lot easier than making your own beer or moonshine in the backyard.Report

        • Avatar North says:

          @Mike at The Big Stick, Maybe Mike, but people are lazy. The profits won’t be like they are now, but they’ll be there.

          Now the people you really should watch will be big tobacco. Those are some companies who have all the necessary skill sets, production specs and complementary technologies already in place for mass production of pot products. If Phillip Morris et all don’t have some manila folders full of pot product ideas ready to go in the event of mass legalization I’ll be mightily astonished.Report

  2. Avatar Mike Schilling says:

    If John is smoking six or seven joins of high-quality weed a day, he’s pretty much like a guy who goes through a fifth of bourbon a day. He certainly shouldn’t be driving a car.Report