Subsidiarity Requires International Institutions

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8 Responses

  1. M. Farmer says:

    What have international institutions got to do with limiting the power of Government to the powers granted in the Constitution?Report

  2. Great post, David, thanks. I agree with Mr. Cheeks.Report

  3. Koz says:

    I don’t think this is quite right. As I read you, you’re trying to argue that international institutions acquire whatever authority they need to handle ostensibly global problems, which is not I believe part of subsidiarity.Report

  4. Kyle R. Cupp says:

    Not only is subsidiarity itself only half the picture, subsidiarity demands all kinds of things–like robust international institutions!–that many American small-government types explicitly oppose.


  5. lukas says:

    Here’s the rub though: robust international institutions, if they are not so powerless as to be mere paper tigers, tend to attract more and more power to themselves, subsidiarity be damned. We’ve seen it with the US federal government and it’s happening right now in the EU. Is it possible at all to counteract that trend?Report