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Erik Kain

Erik writes about video games at Forbes and politics at Mother Jones. He's the contributor of The League though he hasn't written much here lately. He can be found occasionally composing 140 character cultural analysis on Twitter.

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  1. Avatar gregiank

    Completely agree. He is consistently amazing. Just great, great stuff. If only he wasn’t a cowboys fan. Like he said, the people who really need to read it, won’t or won’t get it.Report

  2. Avatar bearing

    I loved that post too. Have you read his memoir? Simply amazing.Report

  3. Avatar Pat Cahalan

    “In this society, we view compassion as a favor, something along the lines of forgiveness extended to the humble and deserving. No. My compassion is utterly selfish, and is rooted in a craving for power. It is compelled by my curiosity, itself, just another name for hunger, for desire, for want of the great power of knowing. ”

    That’s a very commanding four sentences, right there.Report

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