How to govern well



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  1. Avatar gregiank

    I think is very correct to point out there is, based on this evidence, there is more then one way to have a nice country. There are great differences among all these mostly nifty places to live. I’m fine with the modesty you suggest mostly because i think hiding behind ideology is a way of avoiding making choices. To many people say we absolutely can’t do X since it doesn’t fit their ideology even when there are examples of how it can work. The country we have is far more about the choices we make. But i would add being modest about ideology would suggest we aim for a more pragmatic, evidence based view. And not doing or doing or doing so in a modest way are all political choices. There are no neutral options.Report

  2. Avatar M. Farmer

    Plus, we have no way of knowing if all these countries are functioning way below potential — so, perhaps, instead of finding which country to emulate, or insisting that countries emulate us, we need to innovate. I happen to have some good ideas that have been only partially tried.Report

  3. Avatar Rufus F.

    I think my comment about the Canadian banking culture should have gone here instead of up on E.D.’s response post. See: up there.Report

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