Daily Archive: August 25, 2010


Aristotle: “Poetics” (I disagree, slightly)

Socrates, we’ll remember, felt a reverent awe in the face of poetry. In Ion, god-inspired rhapsody had an effect on the audience akin to possession. In Republic, the emotions aroused by poets threatened the...


Regime Change

It was a disaster, a quagmire, a nightmare, and the American government should have never gotten us involved… But, some short term goals have been met and now they’re getting ready to start pulling...


The Man Who Pretended to Know Too Much

[Update: In response to comments, I have toned this post down a bit. It was unduly harsh in relation to the fault I am identifying.] NR‘s Jason Steorts, responding to Whitaker Chambers scholar Richard Reinsch, writes: I think Reinsch mischaracterizes...


Beer Blogging: The Gateway Drug

This is my confession: I did not emerge from the womb a fully-formed beer snob. I will admit to sneaking off to the bathroom during high school parties to pour out half-empty Budweisers (adolescence...


Caricatures of libertarianism

I’m not a libertarian but I do share many beliefs in common with libertarians. That’s one reason I find this piece by Amanda Marcotte so incoherent. Leaping onto the anti-Koch bandwagon, Amanda comes to...


Cash for Clunkers, Indeed

It wasn’t so long ago that everyone just loved Cash for Clunkers. People thought I was a total crank when I scoffed. Even some of my fellow ideologues wavered. On my now-defunct blog, I...

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