Daily Archive: August 19, 2010


Same-Sex Marriage and Discrimination

Philosophical confusion seems to cloud all discussions about same-sex marriage to a degree unusual even by the already very cloudy standards of mass democracies. This isn’t a feature of all culture-war issues in general....


Gay Gentlemen

Helpfully, Christwire has posted a list of warning signs that a man might be gay. Regular readers will note that the list effectively outs as gay males everyone who writes here, with the exceptions...


Fresh as boiled cabbage

Having endured one of his commencement addresses, I naively assumed that my opinion of Newt Gingrich could not get much lower. Boy was I wrong! No, I’m not referring to his incoherent objections to...


Christopher Walken reads Lady Gaga

The news is mostly depressing these days. So to hell with the news. Here’s Christopher Walken reading Lady Gaga’s ‘Poker Face’ instead. That’s more like it. If I have to think about the bloody...


Managed Ignorance Watch, Continued

The Washington Post this morning notes that increasing numbers of Americans incorrectly believe that Barack Obama is a Muslim: The number of Americans who believe — wrongly — that President Obama is a Muslim...

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