Daily Archive: August 17, 2010


Free parking and/or markets.

I was interested to see Tyler Cowen take the high-cost-of-free-parking argument to the pages of the New York Times. In short, many cities require that new development projects, especially commercial ones, provide a certain amount...


Who Cares What the Pols Think?

Count me 100% with Big Tent Democrat on the proper role of politicians (Mayor Bloomberg obviously notwithstanding) with regard to the Cordoba Center, and on whether it’s actually important that politicians go on record...


In Which I Surprisingly Agree With Tom Coburn

The fiscal obstinacy of Tom Coburn, you might be surprised to know, is saving American lives. Due mostly to his objections, an otherwise uncontroversial bill to grant oversight of rail transit safety to the...


“To Mosque or Not to Mosque”

By Rick Ungar In the 1995 film “The American President”, Andrew Shepherd, the fictional president of the United States, stands before the White House press corps and declares-  “America isn’t easy. America is advanced...


“The Apostate”

An Alternet article profiles “Ten Young Right-Wingers Being Prepped to Take Over the Conservative Movement“- #6 is E.D. Kain, who is “so goddamn reasonable as to be unquotable”. Erik- since nobody else here is...


A Small Step Towards Sanity and the High Road

Other than raw vindictiveness, there is no reason to view this as anything other than an unqualified good, no matter what your attitude towards the Castro regime.  It’s a small step, only easing the tight...


The Celestial Switchboard

Unqualified Offerings’ Thoreau reminds me of a bit I wrote in 2004. The Wayback Machine didn’t have it for some reason, but I did. It still seems appropriate today.