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2 Responses

  1. gregiank says:

    Wait!!! The last three SW movies both sucked and blew???? I thought that was just because Lucas was far, far, far overrated and only had, at best, a couple good movies in him. The only way to survive the last trilogy was watching them with Rifftrax.Report

  2. LawMonkey says:

    I’ve never really understood all the hate for ROTJ. I’ve seen people rank it below several of the prequels, which is completely indefensible. Sure it’s no Empire, but it’s not the Christmas Special, people.

    That said, more generally I don’t understand why folks seem to think that everything would be better if only it were bleaker, darker, and/or grittier. Don’t get me wrong: I’ll take the Man with No Name over John Wayne any day of the week, I loved The Wire, most of my iTunes library is probably in minor keys. But can’t we have a little whimsy now and then? A little fun? Maybe a happy ending? Does absolutely every alien have to be fearsome?

    I’ve given Lucas a lot of grief over the years for the prequels and for the changes he’s made to the original series after the fact, never mind apparently throwing out the original masters after making the “Special” editions. But on this one, he made the right call.Report